Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TRIAL : Swank Digital Campus

Atkins Library is currently running a trial of Swank Motion Pictures Digital Campus!

"Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® allows students the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside the classroom. Providing digital access to course-related films allows educators to enhance the learning experience without taking up valuable class time.

Digital Campus provides a flexible and custom solution to fit your campus’ needs by distributing films through your Learning Management System. Select and pay only for the films you need! We have exclusive distribution of thousands of films, making us the largest repository of digital film content to complement the curriculum of any course." (source)

The trial includes 100 popular films selected by Swank including:

A Beautiful Mind
Double Indemnity
Good Will Hunting
Groundhog Day
The Matrix
The Shawshank Redemption
The Shining
The Social Network
and much more...

You can access the trial here: 

The platform is not compatible with the Google Chrome interface, so we encourage you to use FireFox, Safari, or IE.  The trial is not available from off campus at this time.

The trial ends September 30th!  Enjoy and please leave any feedback in the comments section.