Atkins Library E-Resources News!

Atkins Library dedicates much of is time and budget to providing the best online resources to the UNC Charlotte population, who could be both on or off campus.  The Atkins Library E-Resources blog is here to introduce and promote these resources to our faculty and staff to help assist with their academic research.  Through this blog we will be announcing new resources as they become available as well as highlight resources we currently provide that might be the key to unlocking the information for our user's important research.

The Blog will also provide critical access information as well as give the community the opportunity to trial possible new resources the library could invest in.  The communities feedback on new or current resources is important to the success of Atkins Library collection.  Readers can leave comments under each blog post which will be take into consideration by the library staff.

We are excited to provide you with this additional point of contact to the library! Please add this blog to your RSS Feed or email to get the latest information on what Atkins Library has to offer.

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