Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Atkins Library recently upgraded our subscription for Westlaw Campus Research to the new platform, WestlawNext.  WestlawNext offers authoritative content, attorney –editor expertise, and industry-defining technology.

Westlaw is trusted by lawyers and law schools from all over as the source for the most update legal information.  For more than 125 years, our attorney-editors have been analyzing, categorizing, and summarizing the law to help researchers understand the law and find on-point materials quickly and confidently.

No one can match our meticulous editorial work. With WestlawNext, you’re using superior tools and resources – including KeyCite, West Key Number System, notes of decisions, headnotes, added search terms, annotations, and indexes (source)

The new platform maximizes your search capabilities to find the most current and accurate legal formation the help you with your research.  It also allows you to create custom pages, up on signing in, to help you research the way you work best.  You can organize your favorite content and research tools, to optimize your search experience.  The new platform also allows for multiple mobile views so you can research on the go if need be.

We encourage you to explore WestlawNext and send us any feedback you might have.

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