Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Charlotte Observer!

Extra! Extra!  Atkins Library Now has the Full Digital Archive of the Charlotte Observer!
For the city of Charlotte and the surrounding areas, the Charlotte Observer holds its history through its stories, editorials, advertisements and so much more.  In the past, to mine this rich history, researches needed to visit the library and painstakingly search the microfilm but now Atkins Library has access and ownership of the entire Charlotte Observer Digital Archives from 1892-present.  
The digital archives are hosted on Newsbank’s Access World News platform, and can be searched across the entire span of the paper using keyword or targeted searching with the advanced search options.  The pages of the newspaper have been scanned and can be downloaded as a PDF so users can see the pages as they were originally published.  
We invite you take a trip into the past with the Charlotte Observer and rediscover the city where you live, work and learn!

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